It all started when...

hi! i'm monica. sharing a smile is one of the most simple yet profound acts in life, and i've always considered that my purpose. food, or more specifically dessert, happens to be my medium.

i was once asked why i chose pastry. my response was and still remains "because i like to work with my hands and i like to make people happy." i think the pleasure you get from a sweet treat can ignite your soul, feeding the passion to carry you throughout your day. and i want to give that to others. to capture the heart and soul of all the things i've learned during my career, hopefully for the benefit of others.

i currently spend most of my time playing with food. my love runs deep, stemming from the days frolicking in my grandma mae's garden and sneakily plucking stalks of rhubarb from the earth. once she caught me munching on her prized harvest, grandma mae decided it was time i learn her secret rhubarb pie recipe. and it was that day my heart knew. 

my path did not follow the traditional culinary trajectory. i didn't go to culinary school. instead, thanks to some incredibly convincing mentors, i garnered the chutzpah to ask my first pastry idol, deborah racicot, if i could learn from her. as soon as those doors opened, i was determined to learn everything i could from the best that i could because, as friedrich nietzche proclaimed:

you have your way. i have my way. as for the right way, the correct way, the only way, it does not exist. 

as i forged my way, i often found myself in places i never dreamed i would be good enough to be. but life is funny and full of surprises, and i still have to pinch myself every so often.


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