Credit:  Chris Gabello

Meet Me

hi! i'm monica and i play with sugar. 

don't get your apron strings in a twist. i'm a pastry chef. and don't give me that look -- i already know you want to be my best friend.

pastry chefs are a rare breed; a badass breed whomi hugely admire. when we .....

what made me choose this: the art, the science, the people. the fact the food brings people together, and my love for feeding people. 

what was the first thing you cooked: pillsbury sugar cookie dough. i probably ate more than i actually baked. 

what was the worst thing you cooked: oh geez, there were so many according to my father. i experimented way too much before i truly should have. to his testament, it would be the tiny vanilla cake from my tiny oven that i served him when i was maybe 10. 

how do you feel about being not able to eat much of your own creations: don't get me wrong, i taste everything. i probably shouldn't, but i taste and spit. i do feel awkward introducing that to new people. 

aside from the obvious, how were you dubbed chefmoni: 

if you had to work with one of your former mentors, who would it be: i could only wish to be lucky enough to work with any one of my former mentors. there's always so much more to learn. i'd also love to cook for them so they could assess my progression as a chef. as jose andres one said, "great chefs come from great teachers".





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