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hi! i'm monica, and i play with sugar. 

don't get your apron strings in a twist. for the past 15 years, i’ve been a pastry chef by profession, and i have been so lucky to be a part of some of the best kitchens in new york, boston, and philadelphia. always seeking to expand my knowledge and skills, i’m now working on new ways of connecting with you.

here’s a little bit about me, and say hello — i would love to learn more about you!

why did you choose this career: really it chose me. but i fell in love with the art, the science, the people. pastry chefs are a rare breed — badass recipe nerds, clean freaks, meticulous technique junkies — things that spoke to my soul. add to that the fact the food connects people and my love for making people smile…it was inevitable.  

what was the first thing you cooked: pillsbury sugar cookie dough. i probably ate more than i actually baked. 

what was the worst thing you cooked: oh geez, there were so many according to my father. i experimented way too much before i truly should have. to his testament, it would be the tiny vanilla cake from my tiny oven that i served him when i was maybe 10. 

how do you feel about being not able to eat gluten: don't get me wrong, i miss doing “regular” food things like going to a pizza shop and grabbing a slice, but there are so many great gluten free options now that make me very happy.

do you only make gluten free things: nope, i’ll cook it all! however, i’ve also made it my mission and challenge to create gluten free foods that no one would realize is missing the gluten.

are you ever going to open your own place: perhaps ;-)

do you only bake: i believe people with a pastry background are also some of the greatest savory chefs.

can i order a cake from you: absolutely! i would be honored to make you a cake. connect with me HERE.

in what other ways can i work with you: many! see HERE for more information and let’s chat.

aside from the obvious, how were you dubbed chefmoni: my college friend, eric, gave me that moniker because i loved to throw dinner parties, and i constantly brought surprises like cookies or brownies out to bars for my friends.

where are you based: i live in south philly with my handsome lil pup mr. duke, though i love to travel for work and fun.

what do you do in your spare time: what spare time? just kidding. i play the violin and piano, run/yoga/kickbox, travel and explore the world, and like to be around my friends and family.

if you had to work with one of your former mentors, who would it be: i could only wish to be lucky enough to work with any one of my former mentors. there's always so much more to learn. i'd also love to cook for them so they could assess my progression as a chef because "great chefs come from great teachers" — jose andres.

what does food mean to you: food means connection, emotion, sharing our stories. with food, we can share and communicate emotion in ways in which words can’t always convey. when i cook for others, i feel joy.

Credit:  Brian Samuels


baking a cake with my little brother

baking a cake with my little brother